The Tjin Edition RoadShow is the answer to the real world consumers' desires: an experience that delivers real interaction with real products.

Designed to be an interactive experience, the Tjin Edition RoadShow helps to deliver new retail sales leads as well as foot traffic to your dealers, all while developing new distribution outlets for your brand. Without having to spend thousands of dollars sending your employees out on the road week after week, the all-inclusive Tjin Edition RoadShow is here to take your company on the road. For less than the cost of an average monthly print advertisement, the Tjin Edition RoadShow will go out in the field and deliver crucial grass roots consumer interaction to your potential clients. By giving consumers the opportunity to physically interact with some of the best products in the automotive aftermarket, the Tjin Edition RoadShow gives your brand the upper hand over your competition.

At each of the twenty five-plus events that the Tjin Edition RoadShow attends, the 80×30′ booth display will not only have a section for your products to be displayed but there will also be a handful of Tjin Edition branded vehicles equipped with your products. Be sure to visit our "Partners" page to get a better idea of who's involved and who you could be working alongside.

Our Services
Live Events

We're active at over forty events annually from California to New York and many states in between.

Project Vehicles

We have a team of talented designers and builders to put together the perfect project vehicle for you.

Social Networking

We have an extensive online presence that spans various social platforms to help engage potential customers.

Graphics / Photography

We have talented graphic artists and photographers on board to help you create your vision.


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