// The Tjin Edition Tour:
The Tjin Edition Tour is a top-notch program with insane grassroots/guerilla marketing and in your face, up close and personal interaction with some of the most incredible pieces of machinery ever built and designed. In 2008, the Tjin Edition Tour will once again head across the country bringing the automotive industry something new and exciting at each and every event. The Tjin Edition Tour is not just a tour, but an overall experience and lifestyle that brings a fresh buzz and excitement to the automotive industry.

// Neil Tjin:
Neil Tjin, one of the top up and coming designers within the automotive industry, has been involved in the sport compact market for more than a decade. Tjin has always been a strong passionate individual, especially when it comes to cars. He has always been one to think outside the box and to go against the grain. Over the years Tjin and his talented staff have been responsible for designing and building more than fifty high profile vehicles showcasing their creative talents on numerous Hondas, Acuras, Nissans, Infinitis, Scions, Volvos, Chevrolets and Pontiacs. In recent years Tjin has also teamed up with major OEM manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Pontiac, Scion and Honda North America.

In 2002 Tjin teamed up with his aLL STaR crew and together they designed and built a Best of Show Nissan 240SX that took home top honors and plenty of other hardware at the 2003 Hot Import Nights event in Philadelphia. A few years later Tjin teamed up with Turtle Wax and together they toured this 1997 green Nissan 240sx around the USA and it was ultimately given away at the 2005 SEMA show. Following a very successful Turtle Wax Get Waxed Tour, Tjin and his staff started the Tjin Edition Tour, which is a revolutionary tour that took the nation by storm.

Wanting to pursue his automotive dreams, Tjin and his family made the move from Florida to Southern California. By the fall of 2003 Tjin had made some serious strides on the West Coast and he was able to turn his hobby into his full time occupation. By this time Tjin was not only designing and working on high profile vehicles, but he was also the Executive Editor of Hot Compact and Import (HCI) Magazine. Tjin’s overall talents brought him numerous accolades including the 2004 Industry Person of the Year, and 2005 SEMA Person of the Year. Since those incredible awards Tjin has become the spokes person for some of the industries top brands including Turtle Wax, ICE, Marvel Mystery Oil, Chevy, Pontiac, Scion and Honda.

In 2008 Tjin signed on to endorse some of the hottest up and coming companies in the automotive industry such as One Lug Wheels, AutoLife Emergency Services, Function and Form, Glow Shift Gauges, Status Racing, Magnaflow Performance Exhaust, Automotiverigs and ID-Tuning. Even though Tjin has come a long way over the past decade, he still has a long way to go before he is satisfied. Tjin wants to continue helping the automotive industry grow and his goal each and every year is to reach out to thousands upon thousands of consumers, spectator, and fellow enthusiasts through shows, the Internet, and magazine coverage. Tjin’s visions and passion portray what the automotive industry is all about.